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Cat ~ Moonie ~
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Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]

This LJ is Friends Only~

Only some posts will be public (by some, I mean a very select few).

If you want to friend me, please comment with your name, how you know me, and why you want to friend me

All comments are screened.

^^ I'm nice~ so don't be afraid to try and friend me. 

But please do NOT friend me if you're never going to read my entries/comment/talk to me, because I'll just unfriend you. =\

Yamapi's Jweb Translations here~ Sorry, but temporarily f-locked.


P.S.  Friends Only Banners are made by my friends!  Feel free to make me one too <3  I'll change them every so often ^^
People who've made me banners (in alphabetical order):

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]


Okay, this is really stupid and I'm tired of this, and this also seems to be a trend happening among many LJ users lately...especially in the JE fandom XD

Anyway, due to another stupid incident (why do people insist on spreading hate instead of love?)....


I really didn't want to have to do this T_T

Only some posts will remain public (a very select few).

In the meantime....

Anyone want to make me more "friends only" banners?!?!  I'll love you forever if you do~ Something with NEWS on it hahahaha if I get a bunch, i'll rotate them every week or something XD

I'll be going through my list of friends over the next few days and deleting anyone I don't recognise (which means if you've either never commented, or rarely comment and therefore I don't remember your LJ nick).  Or, if I just feel like I can't trust you, you'll be deleted too.

If you ARE deleted but want to be my LJ friend, please just post a comment telling me who you are, how you know me, and why you want to be my friend.  If you aren't currently my friend but read my LJ and post comments and stuff, feel free to friend me (but don't forget to tell me those 3 things in a comment, too)

I don't bite--I personally think I'm really nice.  And usually I friend everyone who friends me.  But, due to a series of stupid hate memes and stuff like that (and also my partial fear that my parents mainly my dad are going to one day find this and read it), I'll have to be more careful about who's reading my entries.

And, for all my friends~ expect a nice long entry about my Christmas complete with pictures and stuff sometime soon (hopefully I'll have the time XD)


P.S. Yamapi jweb translations are still public for now ^^

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]

A lot of people have asked me about ALL NIGHT NIPPON starring Shige, Ryo, and Yamapi on 15 Nov.  YOU CAN GET A DETAILED SUMMARY (in English) HERE:  http://lifeisgoodtrans.wordpress.com/2007/11/15/detailed-summary-all-night-nippon-shige-ryo-yamapi-111507/

She's really amazing, gets things done really quickly~ and really nice!  So everyone go read and make sure to leave her lots of comments ne~ ^O^ She's got a lot of translations and English subbed videos on her site ^^

You can now JOIN MY YAMAPI JWEB TRANS COMMUNITY.  I've decided that since so many people were asking and didn't know that you could choose to "Watch" the community instead of "join", just to makes things simpler I'd just let everyone join ^O^.  SO GO AND JOIN IT XD XD

<3 Hope everyone had an amazing day!
~NEWS AI~ <3 yamapi ^O^

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]

Konnichiwa minna~

I bring IPOD VERSION of Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD~ ENGLISH SUBBED (Subs credit to newshfan of course!)

I know there are other iPod versions floating around out there, but they weren't working for me...so I thought maybe other people were having issues too?  Well if you were, here's another one ^O^
Lemme know if you have problems with it~ But it's worked for me ^^

Credit to kazama_2009 for uploading them for me with her sendspace account ^^

Disc 1 Part 1:
.001   .002

Disc 1 Part 2 (one file)

Disc 2 Part 1 (one file)

Disc 2 Part 2:
.001   .002

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]

My amazing friend [info]abtomat made a bunch of screenshots that i like to call the HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEEEK PV (I also pushed her to add a few other ones as well) so now its complete!

EVERYONE GO LOOK!  It's hilarious~ It's like the best parts (well...my favorite parts XD) and she added hilarious comments too ^O^

WEEEEK PV Highlights HERE!

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]



It will be included with the DVD series box set which will be coming out December 7th, 2007. You can preorder it online now! (not yet listed on yesasia or playasia)



Continued ending??????? Alternate ending? what do you guys think?

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]

Hehe here are some pics of me ^^ (you have no idea how long it took me to figure out how to post pics XD i must be retarded...i asked a bunch of people too and they were like "ehh" so i guess im not the only one hahaha)

SM Entertainment auditions are on sept 30 in NYC....T_T wish me good luck. Hmmm i need to pick some pictures for my application though...hmmm and im supposed to prepare a monologue *must find one*

Anyway I normally wear glasses but they made me take them off and I dont wear contacts XD so i was like blind hahaha it was funny XD  T_T sorry the pics are like HUGE....XD im too lazy to resize them haha

EDIT: okay just for clarification (since people started asking me on MSN) i'm 17 years old XD



Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]

Look at what i found:


The Hana Yori Dango movie final will be released next year, summer 2008 with the original cast!!!! The movie starts off with Makino involved in a big problem when she turns 20 and is set one year after the end of HYD2. Filming starts in jan. They will also be filming outside Japan. ^_^

Promo Clip:

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]

Hey minna!

I'll be translating YamaPi's Jwebs
They'll be posted here: http://community.livejournal.com/yamapi_jweb/

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